100% renewable energy

Filati Biagioli Modesto has chosen to use 100% renewable energy:
A conscious choice for lessening our environmental impact and aimed at reducing our CO2 pollution emissions to zero.


Detox Project

Filati Biagioli Modesto SpA acknowledges the importance of eliminating hazardous substances from our production cycle. For this reason, in February 2016 we committed to the Detox project promoted by Greenpeace, under the coordination of Confindustria Toscana Nord.
This new project is intended to enrich our constant commitment to respecting the environment and health of our workers and consumers by means of high quality products and processes.
The analyses have been conducted on representative samples of our production.
The data have been published on the IPE portal.


Noah’s Ark Project

‘Arca di Noè’, Noah’s Ark, consists in the proposal of allowing yourself the pleasure of wrapping up in the soft warmth of the natural colours of cashmere, camel and extra fine lambswool: their hues are amazingly elegant.

Cashmere connoisseurs cannot get enough of the natural colours of the fleeces, a range of beige, light grey, fawn and brown. We have sought them out in the places where the animals live, asking shepherds and farmers to preserve their variety.

The fibres we have selected for this collection have important properties for our wellbeing.
The items of clothing made with these fibres are heat-insulating and allow our bodies to adapt to temperature gradients. They absorb humidity up to about 30% of their weight and this allows for our perspiration to be absorbed without leaving us with the sensation of humidity against our skin.
They are water repellant thanks to the imperceptible film of grease that coats the fibres.
They are sustainable: they do not contain substances that are hazardous for our health or the environment.

Since they are not subjected to chemical processing or dyeing, they allow us to achieve considerable savings in terms of water and energy consumption and do not emit any CO2 and they do not result in the disposal of polluting products and process scraps.
All Arca di Noè yarns are certified by SGS.
The concerned consumer will appreciate the quality and purity of these yarns.


Smart Collection Project

From a law of physics to anti-waste philosophy that makes waste a virtue and regenerates it as a new product.
This is the principle that we apply in recovering processing surplus from our plants for the production of our ‘Smart’ yarn.
A high-quality recovery, a resource whose origin we are familiar with because we apply the Chemical Management 4Sustainability and the Detox protocols dedicated to the respect of human health and of the environment.
The ‘Smart’ yarn is generated within a circular and sustainable production cycle that guarantees the responsible use of our processing surplus, aimed at reducing the consumption of energy and water, of CO2 emissions and of the disposal of processing surplus by 95%.
The production of the ‘Smart’ yarn has involved every area of the factory through significant investments in operational structures and personnel training.
A new way of thinking economy and new low-impact and virtuous yarns: once again our company shows the capacity to look at the future and at change as an opportunity to be offered to our clients.



Filati Biagioli Modesto SpA has chosen to reduce the impact of its production by selecting chemical products in line with the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero, implementing the 4sustainability® protocol for Chemical Management.


Responsible Wool Standard

Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is a voluntary and independent standard; the certification guarantees and tracks wool from companies that operate in harmony with the environment and in respect of the Five Freedoms in order to protect the welfare of sheep by ensuring their basic and primary needs.